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In the competitive landscape of sales, a mastery of objection handling is not just beneficial—it’s imperative!
The ability to decipher the subtleties behind objections and respond effectively is what sets the stage for fruitful client relationships.


  • Mastering Application: Learn to seamlessly apply the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method to common, easily explainable topics.
  • Expanding Business Horizons: Elevate your LSP business by offering a fresh and accessible workshop to a diverse array of clients. Unleash the potential for substantial growth, catering to businesses of all sizes. In today’s market, nearly every company relies on a sales force that grapples with objections daily.
  • AT6 Play Decisions: Practice the simplest version of AT6 play decisions, that you can extend beyond this course and use to enrich your other workshops.
  • Remote Workshop Excellence: Gain expertise in conducting engaging remote LSP workshops, aligned with AMT guidelines.
  • Objection Management: Learn to seamlessly integrate objection-handling techniques into your everyday professional life. Elevate your prowess in managing challenges and fostering effective communication

What Awaits your Clients

  • Unraveling the Why: Dive into the core of objection dynamics. Gain a profound understanding of why objections surface and how they impact the intricate web of customer relationships. Through the innovative lens of Lego Serious Play, these insights become tangible and actionable.
  • Illuminating Impact: Visualize the ripple effects of decisions and actions within the customer relationship ecosystem. Witness the power of making these impacts visible through hands-on exercises. Transform abstract concepts into concrete insights that drive effective decision-making.
  • Crafting Winning Strategies: Explore the essential art of decoding customer requests. Delve into the motives driving these requests and uncover strategies for crafting responses that resonate. Elevate the sales process from transactional to relational, positioning your clients for consistent success.

will be delivered REMOTELY in 2 HALF DAYS
and will be held with
max 6 participants in each session
to ensure the best learning experience***

For more info and registration fill out this form  https://forms.gle/34BzfLGemRYV2ige8

and send an email to rachele.skillmeup@gmail.com

Experience a workshop that transcends traditional training methods and brings a new dimension to understanding objections.
Engage in immersive learning experiences that replicate real-world scenarios.
Equip your clients with the tools to thrive in objection-rich environments.
Join hands with us to create a paradigm shift in how objections are understood, managed, and harnessed for mutual success.

Exclusive Bonus Offerings

What are the requirements? 
To be certified in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method and Materials by the Association of Master Trainers

Enroll now to pave the way for lasting success in objection management through Lego Serious Play!

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Read the feedback of those who have already participated

Matthias Renner

To be honest, I am really grateful for what I am doing. By using these little bricks, we help our participants to see and find out things in a playful way. This is so great. I love it!

Narudee ‘Poom’ Kristhanin

Highly recommended! The process Rachele Soliera walks us through is well structured, yet open for exploration and unique context. She lifts us to another level of possibilities.

Laetitia Ramberti

It was an amazing workshop. Almost 4 hours of deep conversations for handling objections. Rachele Soliera you facilitated it with professionalism and passion, and led us towards the goal! Well done.

Sven Golob

It was an eye-opening & inspiring experience I’m very grateful for! The #legoseriousplay community is as diverse as it’s easy to connect with. Thank you, Rachele, for your effort and insightful facilitation.

Daniele Grieco

Thanks to Rachele, I have gained a well-organized and documented toolbox for organizing workshops with one absolutely concrete goal: to help salespeople handle objections, enhance their skills and structure their sales efforts effectively.

Nadia Benedetti

An expert in sales and facilitation? Rachele Soliera, who else!
Do not hesitate, you will learn more than you can imagine, even if you already deal with objections in your job!

Mihaela Danciu

The one-of-a-kind Rachele Soliera will most certainly lead you to surface the “unseen” behind difficult objections and help you see it in plain sight, then take the matter in your own hands and address it with confidence😊 As always, an insightful journey💡

Isabelle Lemière

Thank you Rachele ! I have learned a lot during this workshop and it has definitively completed my practice!

Loïc Lauwers

Your strong Sales experience adds value to the Lego® Serious Play® methodology Rachele Soliera. Your magic combination is a must.✨

Alejandro Cabral

Building, innovating and challenging for a brighter tomorrow. It was definitely great to go through it!

Who I am


My name is Rachele Soliera and I am an accomplished Business Consultant, Sales Trainer, and facilitator.

I am a seasoned Sales Expert with nearly two decades spent at major multinational corporations like Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson, where I covered different executive roles

In February 2016, I became a certified practitioner of the Lego® Serious Play® Method and Materials under the guidance of Per Kristiansen, one of the founding fathers of the methodology. Building on this foundation, I pursued advanced certifications to deepen my expertise:

  • April 2017: Business Model Canvas – Per Kristiansen
  • April 2017: Future Scenario – – Per Kristiansen
  • September 2020: Real-Time Strategy for the Beast, – Per Kristiansen
  • June 2021: Rule-Breaking Strategy – Robert Rasmussen

I am part of the Association of Master Trainers created by Robert Rasmussen and Per Kristiansen, which ensures the integrity of the method and supports the community with continuous updates, initiatives, and sharing of content.

With a portfolio spanning various sizes and sectors, I’ve facilitated numerous workshops across Italy and beyond. My expertise encompasses diverse business and organizational strategies, resulting in transformative outcomes

Driven by my success in conducting impactful objection-handling workshops, I decided to develop this Peer-to-Peer Post Foundation Training for Certified Facilitators, approved by the Association of Master Trainers.

Looking forward to embarking on this transformative experience with you.

Per Kristiansen, Rachele Soliera and Robert Rasmussen


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