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A Peer-to-Peer POST FOUNDATION TRAINING for LSP Certified Facilitators

Endorsed by Per Kristiansen and Approved by The Associations of Master Trainers

March 10th – 11th in Italian – April 13th – 14th in English


Learn how to apply the Lego® Serious Play® on a very common and easy-to-explain topic

Rapid potential growth of your LSP business thanks to a new, simple workshop to offer to a large number of clients of all sizes (almost all companies have a sales force that handles objections every day)

Learn how to keep a long remote LSP workshop, according to AMT guidelines, that you can apply also in other contexts.

Practice the simplest version of AT6 play decisions, which can be applied also in other workshops

Understand how to manage objections in your everyday professional life

This LSP P2P POST FOUNDATION TRAINING will be delivered REMOTELY on Zoom Platform in 2 HALF DAYS
March 10th (2-6pm) and 11th (9am-1pm) – Italian — April 13th – 14th (3-7pm both days)

What you will experience during the training?

  • Explore the main pillars of the Customer Relationship System
  • Work on one of its customers, better if a difficult one
  • A deeper understanding of the Customer Needs (through the Job to be done concept)
  • An important reflection on own external professional identity
  • Explore the objections, known and potential, customers can move to push back the offer
  • Understand why objections come out and share the possible actions that can be taken to handle them
  • Play in a safe space the impact of the decisions taken and test a solution that can be immediately implemented

Training materials

  • Detailed manual with a roadmap and instructions on how to hold the workshop
  • Workshop Timesheet
  • Workshop Handouts
  • Proof of Participation approved by the Association of Master Trainers and double signed by Rachele Soliera and Per Khristiansen

Extra Bonus

  • 1 hour of private “virtual coffee” with your class one month after the training, to clarify concerns, share real experiences with the other facilitators, and get further tips & tricks from the trainer
  • Articles on “JOB TO BE DONE,” Clayton Christensen’s theory on which the workshop is inspired


Price: Early Bird €430 + 4% SSC* – Full Price € 550 + 4% SSC*

*(SSC = social security contributions)

Go to the Handling Objections page to see all details and read feedback from those who have already participated and book your seat NOW!

To ensure the best learning experience the training will be held with max 6 participants. Fill out this form to reserve your spot.

For further info, you can contact me at info@rachelesoliera.it